First (of many, as I like this game) Creation Prompt from the Road

During an absurdly gorgeous day walking towards a state park in Indiana, I started taking note of the things I found beside the road. I then realized that these things could make a delightful poem. Therefore I am leaving this as a gift to you readers in internet land. I have images for some but not all of these things, as I came up with idea mid-collecting. I thank you in advance for taking the time to participate in this journey with me. There will be many more writing prompts to come (including some from previous adventures), but this one seemed too good to hold off on. Send the results of your work along to me and they may find their way into the book! (with your permission, of course)

Creation Prompt from the Side of the Road:

A box with four cassette tapes: Jimi Hendrix, White Boy Blues, B.B. King, and a mix-tape, a stuffed lamb, book on the Lamaze Method for Easier Child Birth, and baskets (one easter, one with pine cones).

Three dead opossums

One large dead shrimp

Six dead fish

Two hypodermic needles (one set picturesquely beside a ball-point pen and piece of rusty metal)

A silver dollar

A pee jug

A blue heron flying across the road

Five yelping black and white shitzus

A yard full of black chickens

Three work horses

Grandpa’s Live Bait and Minnows: night crawlers, grubs, Mulch

Two stories of bunny cages

Fancy ketchup packets

Aurora water tower

Helena Chemical’s Sign

“Historic Yellow Dog Great Food” sign and well

red, purple, yellow, and white flowers

Church signs “We Believe in Divine Healing” and “Tend your Heart well, It’s God’s Garden”

If you would like to include the darker side of this day you may consider adding in a night and following morning plagued by ticks and torrential downpours in a too-chilled and moistened tent. However, that is not necessary.

Use as many or as few of these images as you feel your poem requires. If you would like some cultural background, remember this mound-builder country, the site of some brutal battles between the Native Americans and colonizers, and also that the state park was constructed (gorgeously I might add) during the New Deal.

Hope to see what you come up with soon!

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  1. megalopoet

    Love this post! All these posts! You’re mah inspahrayshun!

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